It’s been a while since I’ve written, especially around the Partnership to Success program. I’m still taking the daily action in the course and now we’re into phase 3 which is the product creation. So quick re-cap, Phase 1 we set up the blog and started to add content, Phase 2 we began the research around the Niche we are to create a product in and Phase 3 is about creating the product.

As well as all the training, I’ve also had a product launch for the Email Cash Funnel that I participated in with one of my fellow students in the program and I’ve set up the Ambassador training program which is Johns Free Webinar where he reveals his proven system for creating 6 figure automated income streams.

So it’s been really comprehensive training and networking within the group as I’ve discovered more and more opportunities and the members of the group are so willing to help out and assist us in reaching our goals. I already have 2 well known affiliates who have offered to help promote my first product when its ready in a few weeks which I’m really grateful for.

So whats the product going to be about?

Because of my history, I have learned the difference between Internet Marketing and an Internet Business. The former led to me spending lots of small dollar amounts on information products that promised me great riches through never before revealed secrets.. blah blah blah

This short cut mentality a.k.a Bright Shiny Object Syndrome got me nowhere because it had zero substance and commitment and meant I bounced around my inbox hitting buy now and following through on very little..

The result was an empty wallet, a non-existent list and only other peoples products to promote.

So this time I’m doing it differently and I’m building an Internet Business! That is what my first product will be about. We will set the foundations on which we can create and scale a real business. That means we will focus on creating a solid secure & SEO friendly hub, we will be setting up & integrating an email list so we can Automate our promotions and communicate effectively with our subscribers…

And of course what business is complete with Inventory to sell? While this will not be the focus of the program, by the time it is complete you will be ready, willing and able to begin product creation for yourself.

All of this is to come over the next few weeks … It’s exciting times in lockdown in this household as new opportunities are created and the foundations strengthened during these challenging times. We’ve been told we are winning against the virus, we will not be coming out of lockdown early, in fact it’s likely to be extended with an announcement expected in 7 days from the time of writing.Image Internet Marking In the Lockdown Period

It does not matter to me though – My commitment is to get a product ready in the 60 day challenge – today is day 19 and so far I am on track – I’ve got my product name, I’ve set up the website, ordered the graphics and have the first mind map – this might change after my conversation with Randy on Wednesday but that’s ok – Its all heading in the right direction and I’m getting ready for the launch!

If you would like more information about the Partnership to Success story or simply want to have a look at the webinar for some free advice on how to get get started – be sure to check out Johns Webinar here

Also if you haven’t already then please subscribe to my blog for updates & giveaways – another new project coming soon is the Internet Marketing Newsletter which will be given away in the top optin form over the next couple of weeks so please keep an eye out for that.

Until Next Time Keep Safe & Well

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