Today is Day 8 of the lockdown in New Zealand for COVID-19 and of course that means Day 7 of John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success Program.  I’m just waiting for todays instructions to come through and while I wait I thought I would just take the opportunity to blog about what’s been going on so far… John Thornhill - Partnership to Success

The first thing I have to say, is what tremendous value I have gotten out of this program over the last week.  John really did put his money where his mouth is and put in front of me what I can only call an irresistable offer…

That is I got a 14 trial of the program for just $1

Now this is a full access trial membership – this morning, for example I have just got off a Skype conversation with Randy where we talked strategy and connected about my goals for the program where I wanted to go, potential ideas and how to get the most out of the program. This before I’ve even made my first monthly payment

So I’ve got to say, as it stands I’m a really happy customer so far!

The other thing I like about the program is John is taking this step by step and covering everything in great detail – for the newbie.  If you have little or no experience in Internet marketing then this is the perfect place to start because John is covering the basics very well.  If you have been around a while and know the basics then I would recommend getting all of phase 1 unlocked at the start which I found out was possible after chatting with Randy!

So Phase is all about getting the blog up and running online, you can see the results of that here – we’ve added a couple of posts, customised the theme and integrated the autoresponder ready for our list building campaigns.  This is all foundational stuff, it setting the platform to build an internet business instead of bouncing around my emails looking for the next bright shiny object that promises me great riches for minimum effort.

Those offer aren’t real.  I know that its possible to get lucky and fluke a few sales here and there but as we hear so often – the money is in the list!  Every offline business has a customer database thy sell to – whether over the phone or in a shop, even in a customers home – in order for a transaction to take place there must be a customer to buy a product or service.

Why should an online business be any different?

The truth is it isn’t – building a presence online, gaining subscribers, creating content, sending the subscribers to the conten and asking them to buy products is what an internet business is all about.  It takes  work, dedication and time in order to be successful.  How much work dedication and time depends upon how successful you want to be.

As with any business though – what you get out, is in direct proportion to what you put in!

And thats why having a coach / mentor is so important to me.  Having someone to walk beside who knows the way saves me so much time and money.  Every goal is a process and if I follow the process, I will achieve the goal.  John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success & Ambassador programs are helping be shortcut my process by going through a proven process that works…

The goal?  to have a product ready for launch in 60 days time…  Whether I achieve it will be evident on this website.  If you see a product created by Matt Bylett then there is your proof that this process works

Check out the free webinar below for some great advice and practical tips from John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success Program


Remember – if you are ready to turn your hobby into a business, then having someone who has walked the path before you is a tremendous advantage.
Are you ready to get serious about your internet business?

If you are be sure to check out this free webinar and coaching offer to get started

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To your Success
Matt Bylett

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