While I was working in a warehouse environment for a local tool company, I got my first introduction to Internet Marketing when I attended a seminar called the world internet summit. It was a 4 day event where the hosts showed us how to build a website and start selling products online.  There were many other speakers too showing us all of the methods used at the time for creating products, generating leads and making a full time income from the internet.

World Internet Summit - Introduction To Internet Marketing & Making Money Online







I was hooked instantly! The concept of being able to work from anywhere that I had my laptop and an internet connection really did appeal to me and so my love affair began.

This was 2010 and over the next 5 or 6 years I would consume as much information on internet marketing as I could get my hands on investing 10’s of thousands of dollars in various information products, coaching products and software programs hungrily anticipating the magic bullet that would finally allow me to quit my job and make my living from the Internet.

I spent way more money than I made because I was always on the look out for the next “bright shiney object” and had a short cut mentality that prevented me from seeing anything through to the end. The problem was – this was just a hobby for me and an expensive hobby that wasn’t getting me anyway fast so I took a step back and went out to learn what it meant to build a business.

During this period I had become known as “the website guy” in the hand tool industry, and companies began to approach me about helping them get their inventory listings ready to allow them to sell products online.  I built a few eCommerce stores and helped businesses with the integrity of data and presentation of their products online.

Pretty soon it became clear that keeping a website up to date with pricing a stock levels was a major problem for these companies who often did not have the resources to be able to make it happen.  So we started to talk about integrations between the website and the ERP systems and Think New Digital Solutions began to evolve.

Next we got onto Customer lists.  How many times do we hear in the Internet Marketing Niche that the money is in the list?  well this is true also for offline businesses who have customer lists that have not been updated for years.  They’re hopeless for email marketing purposes because the bounce rates are so high, sender reputation would be badly damaged and deliverability would be so poor that it would cause more harm than good to send out batch emails.

So we created an Email Validation service that we integrated with the Aweber Email Marketing Platform and began to cleanse the customer databases so that they were ready for email marketing campaigns.  One client went from an 8% open rate to 34% open rate simply by segmenting the list.  Another client who we did the full cleanse for went from 10% to 64% when they sent a promotional email to a targeted cleansed segment.

These are real results and Think New is now a business providing digital solutions for businesses that we Integrate & Automate within the business so they can then communicate with their customers and make an online income for their offline business.

So what are we doing here?

Well, the coronavirus hit and lockdown in New Zealand began at Midnight on Thursday 19th March 2020.  I had been getting so many emails about COVID-19 this and that and the things that businesses were doing to keep staff and customers safe.  In all of this noise – 1 email stood out to me – It was an offer to participate in the Partnership to Success Program with John Thornhill.

I remember John from my days of Making Money Online as a hobby and decided that, as I’m going through the lockdown anyway, surely I can find 2-3 hours a day to re-ignite my passion for my hobby and add another potential Income Stream to the Think New Digital Solutions Library, This time I’m approaching it with a business mindset, as a stepping stone and foundation to what I hope can become the Think New Digital University for young Entrepreneurs.

Today is Day 5 of Lockdown and Day 4 of John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success – My intention is to build this blog into an asset over the coming 4 weeks of lockdown and beyond when Think New Digital Solutions can once again be out in the community and helping business to Integrate, Automate & Communicate their digital solutions to the world.


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To your Success
Matt Bylett

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