Every now and again a product or offer comes along that is an absolute no-brainer. It adds so much value to a business that you simply have to purchase it.
That is what happened to me with Viral Traffic Boost.

Now I don’t want to use this space to try and sell you the product because that’s what the sales page is for. What I want to do here is tell you about the pain this product is solving for me. You see for many years now, I have been playing around with Internet Marketing as a hobby. I’ve loved the bright shiny object syndrome when new products would be delivered to my inbox daily, promising me great riches for very little effort, and because I so wanted to believe them I would make a small purchase and checked out so many different schemes I got fed of it!

Maybe you can relate?

I got so sick of trying and failing that I swore of Information Products for a while and shifted my focus to local business and eCommerce solutions and Integrations.

Then the Lockdown hit!

Call it a twist of Fate but I got an email offering me a trial to John Thornhills Partnership to Success Program – I was asked if I could invest 60 days to follow this proven plan to Internet Marketing Success!

Well I had nothing better to do so I decided to go back to basics and start again.

This time though – I’m following a proven system and building a real internet business. I know its real because its focused on the tangible things that a business needs… Things like a central hub, products and of course a customer list!

So what has all of this got to do with Viral Traffic Boost?

Well, I’m glad you asked … VTB has taken the pain out of building a list for me. I’ve always heard that money is in the list but have always found it so challenging to get people to opt in for my for emails…

  • What should I give away ?
  • How do I drive the traffic? –
  • how do I make my offers go Viral?

I’d heard of this viral effect and I loved the concept but I could never quite seem to make it happen!

That is until now…

Viral Traffic Boost has answered ALL of those questions for me in one simple plugin that has quite honestly blown me away. I got one of the first copies as a member of John’s program and I have not been dis-appointed…

You can see the plugin in action for yourself here



  • What am I giving away? – 12 Months of Content with Full PLR Rights
  • How Do I drive Traffic? Write this blog, Share it on Facebook, Boost the post
  • How do I make it Go Viral? Purchase a solo ad for $100 and show people how it works – the plugin will take care of the viral effect

And that’s how my pain of building a list was taken away by this simple little plugin.

A one time investment for the launch period which will turn into a monthly recurring price after launch is over. So the moral of this story is – If you are reading this before the 3rd of May 2020 – you must check out Viral Traffic boost in action here

You’ll kick yourself if you miss out

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