Our e-learning system, Virtual Reality Training, and Course Development services, combined with experienced mentors and creative team enable engineering students to create a learning atmosphere and developmental program that not only delights learners but also drives our company’s growth.

Wishbag Technology Private Limited with its flagship product, “Gyanon” is solely focused on a learner’s knowledge-centric approach. We not only sell our products but also strategize and assist students as they utilize our e-learning tools to engage, empower and inspire their all-round learning experience.
We appreciate the thirst for the best practices in learning technologies and how to implement them to reduce time to achieve optimal performance on the job. Whether you need brilliant bespoke content, the perfect platform for existing e-learning or a simple shelf solution to a information-critical need, we work to meet and conquer major business challenges by empowering our video with: 
1.    Light-board
2.    Visually rich content with vfx, 3D, Graphics and Animation
3.    Cognitive learning apparatus
4.    Analogy in topics for easy understanding.
We are committed to provide groundbreaking knowledge solutions and unprecedented support and also recognizing the correct content—just the right amount of it, delivering it through short informative bursts with meaningful interactivity and the most relevant visuals. We have developed unprecedented pool of mcq questions and also questions with elaborate answers sometimes assisting with video presentation.
We envision that students of this era should be in sync with modern learning process which keeps him updated with all current competitive examinations, connecting with other lecturers and Webinars & Digital meets for career counseling. 
Wishbag Technology’s access to consistent education to more than 40 Lakh Engineering students will be an invaluable support for learners around India irrespective of constraints such as geographical boundaries or physical disabilities with scarce opportunities in the academic province.